We develop software according to customer specifications. Portnet launched the ERPort in 2020 which is a point of convenience for clients who want software to work for them as designed by them.


Development takes 4 to 6 weeks. Portnet’s 20 years in the field of ERP reselling and partnerships comprising among others, IBM, SAP, Core Banking Systems and others have led to cumulative knowledge and experience. Clients want a solution fit that fits like a glove and not straight jacket solutions that require heavy customisation to work. Be that as it may, where we require our partnerships for ready - made Enterprise Resource Planning Systems we tap into those relationships to deliver a turn-key solution.

Payment Solutions have become more urgent in the era of COVID-19 and a tried and tested partner with verifiable foot print in the market becomes a necessity. Portnet offers full digital banking and payment solutions.

Portnet is a partner to major Software houses. It was the only Sybase Business Partner in SADC outside of South Africa and one of only three in Africa when it signed up with Sybase in 2002. SAP bought Sybase in 2010 thus absorbing any Sybase Partners on the continent to then becoming SAP Partner. Portnet provides SAP Support Services through its local and international consultants.

Security Consultancy

Every business realises heavily on technology. The more companies and individuals invest in technologies, the more they are vulnerable to security threats such as viruses, worms, hackers and e-crime. Portnet Software's main drive is to ensure that we provide total security assurance to all these people and their businesses.

This involves the design of security, policies and procedures. It also involves the design and implementation of both logicaland physical security that organizations are prone to: A structure for giving rights and permissions has to be designed, and it should only give the correct people the correct access to just what they require in order to execute their jobs. Prevention, Monitoring and Control are the emphasis and the necessary instruments should be in the right places.


Software Development

Portnet Software Development, caters for all your application and web development needs. Ranging from Human Resource Management Software, Payrolls, Billing Systems, Help Desk Software, Record Keeping Software, Point of Sale Systems all the way down to your Web development needs such as Basic Website creation, Database Driven Websites, Shopping Carts, and Online Chat systems, amongst a host of other solutions, we seek to deliver nothing but highly functional software and systems designed for optimum ease of use by our valued clientele.

By using the latest in cutting edge software development tools, our highly skilled development team will work around the clock to deliver you any required solution and site customised right down to your smallest specifications. Be it the use of Java Applets, Java Swing, Struts, JSPs, .NET, PHP, ColdFusion, Portnet Software will develop any solution you small to medium scale solution you many require for your desktop and enterprise and desktop environments.

Portnet software also provides all the latest cutting edge Web Innovations unique to us in Zimbabwe such as Online Shopping Sites, E-shops, Auction and Bidding Online software as well as highly interactive websites.

Key to our approach is the deep involvement of our own Software Development Staff and Technical staff in Consulting, deployment and support of the solutions we offer.


Portnet Software is a Microsoft product vendor and specialises in enterprise licensing agreements and compliance which is carried out for the Zimbabwean market on behalf of Microsoft.

Cyber Security

Our team is arguably the first Zimbabwean Team to be exposed to advanced Cyber Security Training from four leading countries in this space at the onset of the last decade. Portnet has leading and cutting edge solutions for Cyber Security. Benchmark Cyber Security solutions on site and as a service are popular service offerings from Portnet. Our engineers’ training is global standard delivered in some of the cutting edge cyber security laboratories. Distributed Denial of Service Mitigation (DDOS), Security Operation Centres and Cyber Command Centres, among others.