SAP Solutions

Portnet Software was a Sybase partner since 2002. Sybase was subsequently purchased by SAP a few years ago, this gives Portnet more than 13 years’ experience in Sybase and Business Intelligence products.

Portnet was formed in 1998 but became fully operational in 2002. Through our group companies, we are able to offer a total soluti on for any environment in Zimbabwe and the African continent. Portnet Corporation is a one stop shop for total information technology solutions that address specific customer requirements and enhance customers’ productivity through, timely delivery of required solutions, world standard technology, expert skills base and consultants. This cannot be achieved without due attention to strategic business partnerships locally and internationally, customer - centric computing and total immersion of our teams with our clients so that our perception of clients’ requirements is not prescriptive but always from their viewpoint.

Best of Breed Business Solutions

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Business Development

To win in today’s market, companies need to improve relationships with customers, rapidly grow sales, manage high-level sales calls and successfully negotiate and close deals. A critical need is to move the traditional focus from selling individual products and services to building relationships and offering solutions. Portnet Corporation is proud of its track record and success in the area of Business Development. It won the SAP business development Partner of the year award in 2005, and being nominees in 2006 and 2007.

Our Success is built on a complete understanding of our clients’ business needs and processes and collaborating with them to craft an IT solution that meets these requirements. We have provided SAP business development services for SAP Africa to clients that include;

  • Ministry of Finance, Zimbabwe
  • The Public Service Commission
  • Ministry of Finance, Zambia
  • Zambia Electricity Supply Commission
  • Namibia Ministry of Defence
  • Zimbabwe Revenue Authority
  • National Railways of Zimbabwe

Project Management

Organisations face extraordinary pressure to make projects deliver strategic benefits. All organisations try to overcome the challenges of coping and succeeding in environments of increasing changes. Most do so by embarking on projects of one form or another to help the organisation jump to a higher level of performance. There is growing recognition of the need to use experienced project managers not just for IT projects but for any significant project where the risk of failure can be a very high price to pay.

With people with more than 20 years of experience providing project leadership, applying some of the best practise methodologies, Design has a unique position to provide project leadership on IT and other major change initiatives. From the outset we gain a thorough understanding of business requirements and align project design, delivery and support to ensure the realisation of goals. The result is accelerated performance improvements and a guaranteed high return on investment.

Some of the organisations that have benefited from this expertise and experience include organisations that cut across the following industries:

  • Central and Local Government
  • Oil and Gas
  • Insurance
  • Sugar
  • Transport and Logistics

Quality Assurance

This service helps customers safeguard their IT investment and focuses on increasing the return on investment by ensuring that the IT solution is optimised. A complete QA would typically cover four areas:
- End to End Business Processes
- Project Management and Governance
- Stakeholder Management
- Infrastructure Review

Our success has been due to our unique approach focusing on meeting customer system business objectives with actionable recommendations coupled with transferring knowledge to the relevant customer staff.

Some of the organisations that have benefited from this expertise and experience are shown on our customer list. These organisations cut across industries that include:

  • Central and Local Government
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining


We provide knowledge management services that focus on improving user productivity and increasing the return on IT investment. Our offering includes:
- Development of IT training strategy
- Training on the usage of the training tools
- Customised training that aligns training to specific business processes and the needs of the identified users
- Using Solution Manager to support training material development, storage, distribution and updating

Customised Training

  • Senior Manager Course
  • Project Sponsor Course
  • Internal Audit Course
  • Organisation Change Management

System Implementation and Optimisation

Offers rapid, efficient and cost effective deployment of IT solution as with all Portnet Corporation assignments, project cost-effectiveness is a major feature of our implementation service. We manage our costs very carefully to ensure the provision of the best possible price on an implementation engagement with us, allowing internal staff to optimize their IT systems quickly and efficiently.

Projects that lack the right implementation team face an increased chance of failure, and often experience significant budget overruns, delayed rollouts and excessive system downtime. This is why our program revolves around the quality of our consultants. We take great care in assembling exactly the right team from a pool of talented consultants who can draw upon experience in similar projects and who offer a proven track record in project delivery.

The Portnet Corporation project teams are formed of industry experts who will help to mitigate risk, minimise disruption, anticipate and manage all possible scenarios that may have a negative impact on business operations based upon their prior solution and sector experience.