Mustard Seed Project

Mustard Seed is in an Orphanage established in the year 2000. It was founded by Chipo Muteve a former Teacher who was driven to the vision by witnessing orphans who were dropping out of school due to lack of resources for school fees, uniform and food. She got a piece of land from a local farmer and established the Orphanage in 2007 with 100 children.

Tichatonga Foundation partnered Portnet and Mustard Seed. Portnet started by renting the house that the Orphans were staying in until motivating for the construction of a house on the donated land. We organised for the drilling of two boreholes and started a brick making project and horticulture project.

The house was completed and the Children moved onto the house. Since 2007, many children have passed through the Orphanage and are now set and fully self-reliant as graduates in many capacities. Some are outside the country working in various capacities.

In 2017 we acquired a water and beverage bottling plant in order to start bottling water after capacity tests and quality tests where done on the borehole water. The reports and licenses are all in place.

What is required is the capital to start the project and establish a nationwide and regional distribution network for the water and beverages. Also required is the construction of the factory. Mustard Seed is in Chivhu a stone throw from the town centre. Portnet is based in Harare.

The Project is worth one million dollars and the land is worth five hundred thousand dollars. The project can easily be sold off for three million dollars. Our cash floor analysis shows that we can recoup sunk funds within three years of operation.

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