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IBM WebSphere Application Server

IBM WebSphere Application Server is a high-performance and extremely scalable transaction engine for dynamic e-business applications. The Open Services Infrastructure allows companies to deploy a core-operating environment that works as a reliable foundation capable of handling high volume secure transactions and Web services. WebSphere continues the evolution to a single Web services-enabled, Java™ 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) application server and development environment that addresses the essential elements needed for an on demand operating environment. With WebSphere Application Server V5.0.2, WebSphere demonstrates its continued commitment to the realization of the IBM e-business on demand vision with new platforms and important functional enhancements..

Tivoli-Information Management

IBM Tivoli security management solutions address two critical e-business challenges: automated identity management and security event management. The IBM Tivoli identity management solution helps you quickly realize ROI by bringing users, systems and applications online fast, while effectively managing users, access rights and privacy preferences throughout the identity lifecycle. The IBM Tivoli security event management solution helps you actively monitor, correlate and quickly respond to IT security incidents across your e-business.


This software is for clustering servers for high availability and ensuring business continuity in case of disaster.

Best of Breed Business Solutions

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IBM DB2 Information Integrator represents the next generation of information integration software. It provides a foundation for e-business on demand, enabling companies to have integrated, real-time access to diverse and distributed information. As a result, organizations can increase efficiencies, better serve customers and suppliers, make better decisions, and respond more quickly to new opportunities or threats.


Increase collaboration and human interaction by bringing people together with messaging, calendaring & scheduling and collaborative applications --while lowering the total cost of your messaging and collaboration infrastructure.