Bumhudzo Old People’s Home

Bumhudzo Old People’s Home is situated in Chitungwiza some 30 kilometres from Harare City. It is run by the Salvation Army, a Church organisation which was started by William Booth over 100 years ago in Europe. Portnet adopted Bumhudzo Old People’s Home with backing from Tichatonga Trust and over the years has been supplying mealie meal and groceries working with Captain Damba for some years among other Salvation Army officials.

Portnet believes in the reverence of our Senior Citizens as the repositories of generational wisdom and the conscience of the society. We are who we are because of our upbringing and the choices we make later in life, but it goes without saying that the younger generation is judged by the manner in which it looks after its senior citizens. Portnet pledges its support to our senior citizens and hopes to be joined by many other Trusts and Foundations.

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