Arts and Culture

The promotion of Art and Culture is important for communities in this ever changing world, but more so the support for children in the Arts. Portnet was attracted to supporting the Harare International Festival of the Arts, HIFA by their program, HIFA Amigos which focussed on free training and teaching of children in paying music, drama and general arts. Portnet was the inaugural and there after only Technology Partner for HIFA from inception. For over ten years the program ran annually in Harare with little interruption.

It was always an opportunity to meet artists in person up close and personal any given year, Oliver Mutukudzi, Habib Koite, Willis Watafi, Albert Nyathi, Tendai Manatsa, Sam Mutukudzi, Salif Keita, Freshly Ground and many others. We would meet and exchange notes with Emmanuel and Maria Bagoro who found HIFA and the Late Emmanuel Manyika a favourite host of many of the shows.

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